Dating vintage traynor amps double your dating ebook pdf

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Amp just thoroughly serviced, grounded cord added.... A rare find as these higher watt 50's Fenders were expensive in the day.

This one has that high power twin tone like Keith's.

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It doesn't look as if anyone ever worked on this amp since it left the factory... The twin 6CA7 power tubes are RCA from the UK while 5 of the 6 pre tubes have the Rogers moniker stenciled on them. Production dates were 1968 to 1973, so this was a fairly early amp.

As you can see by the chassis images, all wiring and components look original... Potentiometer dates are 6837 x 5 pots and 6825 x 2 pots. The amp likely went out the door in late Fall or early Winter 1968...

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