Outlook out of office assistant is not updating

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Out of Office messages are sent automatically to anyone who sends you an email for a period of time you designate.It’s important to note that the Out of Office Assistant will only reply once to any given sender for each activation period.Enabling the Out of Office Auto Response feature in Outlook (also called Vacation Mode by some) is a handy way of letting co-workers or customers know your away from the Office (vacation / holiday etc..) and not checking email regularly.Turning on the feature is very simple both from the Outlook desktop client (outlook 2000/2003/2007) and remotely using the Outlook Web Access client.Uncheck the Use Guessmart and Secure Guessmart Authentication checkboxes and click Test.Review the Results and Log tabs for more information to start isolating the problem.To let others know that you are not able to check your E-mail as you are away from your office, you can set an automatic E-mail response via Out of Office Assistant.The Out of Office Assistant will track E-mails sent to you and only send a response once to a particular sender, even if they send multiple E-mails.

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Out-of-Office Manager utilizes its own service to update settings on Exchange, so the interactive user do not need any special permissions to use the product.Please be aware that Microsoft can and does update the OWA client frequently and the directions and screen shots above may not longer appear the same.If you are unable to follow the directions because they are now inaccurate, please feel free to let us know.There are two ways to activate the Out of Office Assistant: via BPOS Webmail via Outlook 2007 Note: any automatic reply enabled, for instance to communicate your new E-mail address after you have definitively left the Institute, will cease when your EUI account expires.1) Access the EUI BPOS E-mail at: https://red002emea.microsoftonline.com/ using your EUI E-mail address and password to log in.

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