Radiochemical dating chemistry

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Accumulation at the sides of the head is from salivary gland uptake of iodide. I derived radioactivity on Earth is man-made, an unwanted long-lived byproduct of early nuclear tests and nuclear fission accidents.

Members of the series are often called actinides, although actinium (at. 89) is not always considered a member of the series......Roland Lindner Walter Seelmann-Eggebert Johannes Heidenhain Jan de Vries Truus de Vries-Kruyt Aristid von Grosse Boris Nikitin Laszlo Imre Clara Lieber Fritz Strassmann Salomon Aminyu Rosenblum Karl Erik Zimen Hans-Joachim Born Boris Sagortschew Hans Götte Siegfried Flügge Nikolaus Riehl Frédéric Joliot-Curie Enrico Fermi Glenn T.Seaborg Edwin Mc Millan Albert Ghiorso Emilio Segrè Philip Abelson Joseph W.radiation sickness,harmful effect produced on body tissues by exposure to radioactive substances.The biological action of radiation is not fully understood, but it is believed that a disturbance in cellular activity results from the chemical changes caused by ionization (see.....

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