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For those that care, I equate Tinder to being like a huge bar. Middle eastern/Spanish looking guy and I decided to swipe right letting him know I was interested.Instead of having every random dude walking up to me trying to talk, I get to choose who I would talk to by swyping right or left. We have been Tindering (sending messaging through the app) for awhile when he said he wanted some photos.I awkwardly shook her hand — I wasn’t sure if she was going for a hug — and presented her with a foam finger, instead of the usual flowers or whatever. Sandra was very friendly, engaging and easy to talk to. We talked about most of the usual first date stuff. We went to the snack bar and agreed that a couple of chili cheese dogs was the way to go. Most people have dated a jerk or two in their lifetime, but then there’s the worst kind: the narcissist, the man or woman who can’t be into you because they are too busy being into themselves.

It’s that thick, white, chunky, curdled milk that gets you every single time! Along with our shared passion for curdled milk products, we both thrive off wild and crazy workouts like Tao Bo and kickboxing.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.We made plans to meet for coffee, but she suggested a last-minute change in venue to a Blue Jays game. In retrospect, it was ballsy for a first date, considering games can last for four hours. We still met up at a coffee shop near the Rogers Centre, which was my idea — I thought it would be easier to spot each other that way, instead of wading through the crowds.She was dressed in jeans and a Jays T-shirt, and was very cute.

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