Roommates dating

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"In my free time, I love running (training for a marathon right now), drinking coffee, going out and hanging outdoors," the first email (female, 25) said."I enjoy riding my bike, doing yoga and cooking/eating," read the second email (female, 29)."I like books/writing, movies, music, riding my bike, sitting around at coffee shops, those types of things," said another email (female and 30). They all seemed great, but like so many online suitors before them, they all sounded — flirty, upbeat, active.The real problem was these weren't women interested in taking me out to a nice Italian dinner and sending me off with a goodbye kiss.If it’s blatantly obvious that sparks are flying faster than a Katie Hopkins insult on Twitter, the ‘forbidden fruit’ of dating might be worth a bite. ONLY TAKE THE RISK IF YOU THINK IT’S WORTH IT If one of you is ready to shop for matching sets of Le Creuset while the other had some inconsequential post-cocktail bonking in mind, it’s going to end in tears.And be warned: When you live together it’ll be much harder to hide under a duvet fort of mascara-stained pizza boxes whilst belting out snivelley renditions of ‘Someone Like You’. Without a plan, it’s easy to slide into a hairy legged comfort zone before you’ve really had a chance to get to know each other.of your worries when it comes to hooking up with a roommate.

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But that doesn’t mean you need to spend every night slumped in front of Netflix together with a jumbo bag of Haribo Sours.

A 2014 , 27% of millennials ages 18 to 31 lived with a roommate who wasn't their family or spouse, while only 23% lived with a spouse — a huge increase from the 6% of young adult roommates who split the rent in 1968.: Finding, attracting and signing a roommate is no small feat.

So we approach the search for one as we would for a romantic partner.

After all, living with someone who’s not your Significant Other is far different than living with your Significant Other – even if they’re the same person.

Do you think they’ll appreciate the two of you adjusting to dating life?

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