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And: three people from the Dutch Libre Office team were there!Tables and sections in Libre Office Writer are both containers, and in some cases it makes sense to have sections inside tables or tables inside sections.As Tommy kindly mentioned on the QA mailing list, this week the Libre Office project has surpassed the 40,000 resolved bugs milestone – a huge achievement demonstrating the enormous amount of effort the community puts into software quality.

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So, get your software from Amazon and not from their website.

I couldn't get the English dictionary to load for the spellcheck, so I gave up on Open Office and I got Free Office from Softmaker instead.

Since I paid for it once I should not have to pay for it again. Open Office is good software, and it's free, but alas, from what I can tell it is no longer being updated. When I tried loading it from their website recently, I got a bunch of nasty spam ware programs instead which I had to remove.

Their website is full of bugs- don't download anything from it!

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