Dating tips for interracial relationships

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She was looking to me for advice on raising a fatherless child, considering my firsthand experience. It was like that for a while—dismissing every suitor who resembled my father.We rolled down the windows in her beat-up car and took in as much air as we could. Every black girl I knew was saying, “Get yourself a white man,” as though they were selling out quick.In this melting pot of a world, interracial relationships are actually quite common.As statistics on interracial relationships show, the world is changing for the better on this topic.Culture clash can occur in any relationship between people of dissimilar backgrounds, but it is more common in interracial relationships.A culture clash is a conflict that occurs when people believe in different cultural values, and each considers their values as the "correct" ones.

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Why is it, on the heels of 2012, are we so fascinated with racial distinctiveness, yet not interested at all in what unites us?

I mean actual, real-life interracial relationships. Despite its higher representation on TV and in pop culture, this is still a taboo subject, and one that is often met with a range of emotions that are not always positive.

So I decided to talk to interracial relationship expert, Christelyn Karazin, Brand Ambassador for Interracial Dating, who gave her thoughts on the subject and why she is an interracial dating advocate particularly for Black women.

Today, it can also refer to people of different ethnicity, even if their skin appears the same.

The world is increasingly multi-cultural, and "mixed" couples of all varieties exist.

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