Alcohol and dating

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In my 17 odd months of (mostly) sober living, I have discovered a whole new fascinating world that is alcohol-free (AF) dating!

Before my more AF days, dating was everything and anything but free from booze, nor was it really ‘dating’.

“I wasn’t forced to stop or anything,” I said, smiling. A month earlier, I realized it was time to take a break from alcohol. I simply liked drinking too much, and I did not know my limits.

It wasn’t any dramatic event that made me want to stop, but rather a series of recurring regrets.

Looking back, I find it so mind blowing how awful the whole situation was, how it left me feeling so empty and filled with shame, yet how I repeated this behavior for the most part of my teenage and adult life. Little did I know that this was something I was completely capable of all along.

I was drinking myself more ‘confident’, drinking the other person more attractive or interesting, drinking a cold bar environment warm, not to mention drinking away the feelings of discomfort when these men got more touchy with me, when secretly I wanted to run away. I got so good at forgetting that I started to blackout after three glasses of wine. That, in fact, I would not only come to really enjoy sober dating, but that I would get good at after a bit of practice.

But even the latter is full of difficulties and once the charm of novelty has worn off, you will find yourself reeling with the confusion, embarrassment and stress of being with a girl or guy who has no control over his/her drinking habits.This site was designed to ensure people who like to drink alcohol find others that drink and/or are cool with a friend or partner that does.This way, supportive relationships are created with those that have common interests and social preferences.Before I quit drinking, meeting girls was easy: I met them in bars, a place in which, as a young, social New Yorker, I spent a fair amount of leisure time.And that’s where I was, sipping my Diet Coke, when I met Melissa.

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