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SAM INOCENCIO, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION: This type of crime is probably the most evil, the darkest abuses that we're seeing so far.

MICHAEL ATKIN: Over Skype, Kyle Dawson was taken inside a Manila slum, where he paid Jo-Ann to carry out the sexual abuse of her three young relatives.

Based on a survey of 13- to 24-year-olds conducted last year, the report found (pdf) that most of the violations happen in the children’s homes, communities, or during dates; that boys are more at risk of experiencing sexual violence than girls; and that children aged 13 to 17 experience the most sexual violence, including forced sex.

the nation has also become “the global epicenter of the live-stream sexual abuse trade,” the agency reported earlier this year.

The AFP is warning of an alarming trend where Australians are sexually abusing overseas children without leaving their own home, using live-streaming technology to groom victims and direct the abuse.

MICHAEL ATKIN, REPORTER: At the end of his working day, 42-year-old Kyle Dawson came home to a secret world.

Traffickers use chatrooms and social media to offer online child sex performances, an industry that tens and thousands of Filipino children fall prey to, it added.

As with chronic malnutrition and child labor—two other deep-seated problems in the Philippines—poverty is a large factor behind the proliferation of the dens.

MICHAEL ATKIN: The sexual abuse of the children was live streamed via webcam from Manila to Dawson's home.The gunman is described as white, tall and English-speaking.Police said he had committed suicide by setting himself alight.Other footage shows the moment explosions ring out across the night sky.“Guys I can hear gunshots at Resorts World,” the camerawoman shrieks.“You can see smoke and there’s gunshots and people are shooting at each other.“I live right behind Resorts World and this is happening right now.”It's reported the gunman is still at large, but the situation at the resort has calmed with casualties being tended to.

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