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I will control and use you for my own perverse pleasures! Call me now and let granny Brenda show you the pleasures of an ample bosom! As for patron deities, besides Diana, Artemis, Zeus, who pretty much did whom they pleased irregardless of gender, we have Aphrodite Urania (Greek) who is the Goddess of Butch and Bassareus (Greek again, what a surprise) who is the feme' counterpart of Dionysus who dresses is woman's clothing and seduces pretty boys.In the Nordic pantheon we have Loki who often cross dresses to trick his victims.My friends are quite jealous because I can pig out while they all starve themselves.When it comes to dealing with the real sporty types, they are very driven and in a rush to get better. Only Christians think sex must be between two married adults--one of each gender--or both are condemned to hell.

I'm Mistress Veronica, a granny without sympathy for you naughty boys! My skills also come in handy when I enjoy a nice long cheap phone sex lines call.Chatting away about everything and anything on my sex chat line helps me unwind too.Cross Dressing allows one to escape the parameters of their own identity and sexuality, to break through the expectations and responsibilities that come along with one's gender... Some individuals who are into feminization fantasies enjoy the angle of forced feminization.Many people find domination exciting; combining femdom and feminization in a forced feminization is very arousing for a lot of men - and women, too.

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