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The actress and her basketball player love Dwyane Wade tied the knot on Saturday, Aug. The power couple exchanged vows in Miami at the stunning Chateau Artisan castle in a black-and-white themed affair. " PHOTOS: Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time The lovebirds have been very vocal about their affection for one another throughout their romance.

This is the story about a woman with three kids finding a man she really loves and the man finding her. Nancy and her girlfriends stake out a Starbuck's in the mall, waiting to find Benjamin. Nancy introduces herself to him and asks him to take her out. Benjamin is on the look-out for this so, he avoids it. Jizzy is surprised to hear the same man's voice again. He asks Nancy if she won a contest because Jizzy just called. Jamal tells him just to avoid being seen in the same place with Jizzy and Nancy at the same time.

Nancy's son John-John forces her to stop at the recording studio because he wants to see his father.

An African American take on the classic and beloved Christmas family film, "The Perfect Holiday" tells the story of Nancy (Union), a divorced mother of three who is so busy raising her children that she's forgotten to take care of herself as well.

With Christmas fast approaching, she decides to take her kids to the mall to meet Santa Claus, not knowing that her youngest daughter Emily (Khail Bryant) has sensed her mother's sadness and is determined to use her time with Santa to make her mom happy again.

While buying a hot dog, he loses his money in the air. They start to record one of Benjamin s songs right away.

Nancy's daughter sits on Santa's lap and tells Santa the only thing she wants for Christmas is for a nice man to pay her mother a compliment. She is fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband Jizzy. Benjamin does not want to use the information he got from the little girl in an inappropriate way so he is not sure what to do. Emily warns Santa her brother John-john is going to sabotage Benjamin. He discovers Jamal is a bounty hunter by seeing wanted posters on his living room wall.

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